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Educate New Parents and

Show Employee Appreciation


HR Directors are busy. Cottonwood Kids makes the job of maternity wellness easier by providing pre-designed or custom

programs to educate, reward, and retain your valuable workforce.


The Cottonwood Kids Maternity Matters Program allows companies the opportunity to give a tangible gift that not only makes an employee feel appreciated but also combines useful products with helpful information and education on best care and feeding practices for newborns.  


Each gift arrives beautifully packaged and is customized to meet a company's specific needs. An example of a New Parent Gift includes a premium Cottonwood Kids diaper bag filled with a selection of high quality gifts that parents and newborns will cherish. Pre-designed New Parent gift options are available for purchase online here.


The full Maternity Matters program includes the New Parent Gift in addition to an Announcement Gift and a Welcome Back Gift allowing companies to engage their employees early, often and in meaningful ways. Contact us if you would like to discuss a custom Maternity Matters program for your business.

Engage employees throughout pregnancy and early days

of parenthood with tangible gifts that show you care.


We are the missing piece to the maternity wellness puzzle!

Announcement Gift

Range of pre-designed or custom gifts such as:

  • Tangible Gift

  • Digital Gift

Welcome Back Gift

Digital gift card for helpful services or tangible gifts from participating partners in these categories:

  • Food Delivery 

  • Childcare 

  • Nanny Services

  • Home Cleaning

  • Night Out

  • Photo Books

  • And More!

New Parent Gift

Custom bag or market tray including items in these categories: 

  • Feeding Support 

  • Safe Sleep Swaddle 

  • Keepsake Blanket 

  • Stuffed Friend 

  • Board Book 

  • Teether

  • Infant Toy

  • And More!

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