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Our Story

affectionately known as "Fred," short for "Best Fed, Breastfed Fred."  Say that

three times fast!


Cottonwood Kids has created value and patient satisfaction by combining the education hospitals want with products that mothers can use in their everyday lives while breastfeeding.  


With the success of the healthcare program, Cottonwood Kids has launched a new parent gift program aimed at assisting corporate human resources personnel in educating, rewarding, and retaining their parent work force while making parents feel valued.


The business case for breastfeeding is substantial.  The payoff for a company is significant: more satisfied employees create cost savings to business.  These savings are seen in such areas as retention of experienced employees, reduction in sick time by both moms and dads for children’s illnesses and lower healthcare and insurance costs. 


Our goal is to dovetail Cottonwood Kids products with hospital and corporate standards for excellence to create a winning combination.

Healthy Baby Bag
Cottonwood Kids was created from an experience shared by millions of parents every year...   


Why are hospitals continuing to educate parents on the benefits of breastfeeding while handing them a formula bag to go home with?


The main reason was that there was no alternative to formula discharge bags.  So, Cottonwood Kids created the first one.


The Healthy Baby Bag program launched in July of 2009 with an enthusiastic response nationwide from lactation consultants, OB mangers, doulas, and midwives.  Over the last eight years millions of Healthy Baby Bag breastfeeding support bags have shipped to over 800 healthcare facilities

in all 50 states!

Families nationwide have come to

know the Cottonwood Kids' baby

with a single strand of hair,

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