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Artwork Guidelines

General Artwork Guidelines:

The proper artwork will allow Cottonwood Kids to quickly and efficiently provide the best reproduction of your organization’s logo.  We request that you provide us digital artwork as an Adobe Illustrator (AI) or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file.  If neither of thes are available, we will be happy to recreate your logo for you. Our artist fees are $100 per hour and are charged in 15 minute increments.  We can provide you with a written quotation for artwork for your approval prior to creating your artwork.

What are AI and EPS files?

AI and EPS files are vector-based computer graphics file formats developed by Adobe Systems.  These are preferred formats for many computer illustrations because of the efficient use of memory and fine color control.  

Where do I send my artwork?

Please send your artwork to and reference your organization’s name and PO# (if applicable) in the subject line.


Please call us at 1-877-433-1326 or email your questions to

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